Please have a look at just a few of our case studies, videos and interviews to see how we have successfully helped people overcome PTSD  and severe stress related conditions with our unique programme.  All case studies are written in the delegates  own words.

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Since being involved in a road traffic accident, six years ago, I have suffered numerous symptoms of PTSD. However the accident was just a catalyst for the suffering that I had experienced on and off since childhood. I had experienced episodes of melancholy to episodes of depression, unfortunately the accident brought about a sever long […]

Nigel H

For many years,  I have worked on the old service theory of work hard, play hard! In other words, I was drinking myself to death and destroying my marriage/family life.  Things did not improve when I was diagnosed as having PTSD from my service in HM Forces. About two years ago, I saw programme on […]

Darren Scott

Three years ago I was in a very traumatic accident while I was on an expedition in Greenland. I was lost in a snow storm, and spent three days on my own without food, shelter, warm clothing or anything. Luckily there was a Danish frigate in the area, and it was diverted to help in […]

John L

I left the army 21 years ago; I never served in a combat zone so I didn’t think my head was messed up I thought my issues where nothing really for years I had gone through cycles of anger that seemed to come from nowhere and I couldn’t explain. I self medicated with alcohol and […]

John Dale 5 Rifles

My name is John Dale I am 41 years of age, at the age of 19 I pledged my future to Queen and Country. It was the best thing I ever did, if I had to live my life again I wouldn’t change a single thing. I travelled the world, Germany, Belize, America, Several operational […]

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