Training to be a Talking 2 Minds Paradigm™ Practitioner is an ongoing process that requires dedication and commitment from those that engage with the programme. Training to be a competent and registered Paradigm  Practitioner takes around 18 to 24 months of study and practical experience.

Unlike other therapeutic approaches Talking 2 Minds Training interviews and selects those that wish to train with us based upon ethical motivation and soft skills that are required to help others. The ability to pay for a course is no guarantee that that an individual can achieve a positive outcome with a client.

Cathartic  focused therapy

Paradigm Therapy is a “do with process” as opposed to a “do to process” and requires the client to make the changes as opposed to making changes to a client.

Paradigm therapy is a cathartic focused therapy as opposed to a trauma focused therapy. Focusing on the trauma in many cases exasperate’s the problem as opposed to addressing them. 

Trauma focused therapies aim to sever the connection between the flash bulb memory and its point of connection  within the autobiographical memory by descesatising the client to the traumatic emotions and feeling associated with the memory. Thus bringing the flash bulb memory into the reminiscents bump.  Drugs target the flash bulb memory in order to contain it within the reminiscents bump.

By targeting the negative connection to the presenting memory at its root cause within the child hood amnesia phase the experience can be re framed and neutralised without the client revisiting the traumatic event.

By empowering an individual they have choice. Choosing to move from a negative to a positive mind state is key to achieving a Paradigm shift in ones thinking.

“To continue to do the same thing and expect to get different results equates to madness.” Einstein.

Levels of achievement

Talking 2 Minds run an internal training programmes based around Paradigm Therapy™ and the charity is committed to maintaining a high level of therapeutic standards.

Talking 2 Minds have taken a social enterprise approach to training our practitioners and we do this by offering training to potential practitioners in return for a commitment of time to work for the charity and help those most in need.

This training includes an initial week long programme with further peer review and mentoring so that all those who wish to work as practitioners feel confident in using our Paradigm Therapy™ when beginning to work with clients or to those who are willing to work for the charity within a fundraising role.

Training is free to those that wish to assist Talking 2 Minds with continuing to help those most in need as the financial cost of delivering and training practitioners can be offset against a commitment of time in the true ethos of social enterprise.

After initial selection to identify those that truly wish to help others, it generally takes around 2 years to train a Talking 2 Minds Paradigm™ Practitioner, however, after initial training you will be fully supported and mentored in working with clients to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice in a safe and supportive environment. 

Training is conducted in three stages with each stage being used to select those that have the abilities to move onto the next level.  

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Please note: Talking 2 Minds cannot guarantee the abilities of those that work outside of the Talking 2 Minds programme as they do so under their own auspices. If in doubt about someone claiming to qualified to use Paradigm Therapy™ please contact )