Paradigm Therapy™ and the Paradigm Foundations™ are the key elements that underpin our unique approach and come from many thousands of years of natural communication. They are the bedrock of our flag-ship Paradigm Change™ and Paradigm Personal Development™ Programmes.

Paradigm Foundations Training™ explores the deeper meaning of our verbal, physical and auditory communications and the semantic linkages between how we experience our worlds and the representations that are presented by our unconscious processes.

The power of belief moves mountains, diverts the flow of mighty rivers and influences whole nations.

To understand how a single word can touch someone at the deepest level and create change is the art of how we guide people to develop as individuals and release those negative ties that have held them back from achieving their full potential.

By combining quantum theory with how someone interacts with the world at the level of unconsciousness thought along with the learned ability to guide someone linguistically through a series of language patterns which are designed to assist a clients re-frame the exact moment a negative thought form was created, together we can create lasting positive change.

The Talking 2 Minds team have studied thousands of years worth of therapeutic approaches and interventions and code-keys to unlock the next generations of therapy.

By truly understanding the meaning of communication Talking 2 Minds has unlocked the secret of the Paradigm Shift™ in thinking. The cathartic process by which sufferers of severe stress related conditions and those wishing to expand their thinking can overcome negative beliefs that limit them and negative thoughts that contain them.

Paradigm Therapy™ is more than just an amalgam of approaches. It is the next generation of help for those that have lost their ability to truly be who they want to be.


Therapy vs business

In order to teach Paradigm Foundations™and Paradigm Therapy™, the team utilise aspects of other teaching models but Paradigm Therapy™ itself is unique in its approach – and its success – which can and has been evidenced by leading UK Universities.

For those who wish to help people become whole again, this is approach is unrivalled. For those wishing to make money from those who suffer, we suggest that they look elsewhere.

Talking 2 Minds has taken a charitable and social entrepreneurial approach by ensuring that those who are incapable of continuously delivering high quality therapy, in an ethical manner, are struck from the books. 

Our practitioners and other who work with the charity must repeatedly demonstrate that they are progressing with their skill set and that their motivation is to see clients achieve their own goals, not those set by the practitioner. In addition, they must maintain and uphold our ethos to assist the client to progress in a timely fashion that is not dictated by financial gain.


Practitioner Training

Talking 2 Minds Training Ltd also takes a social enterprise approach to training practitioners and we do this by offering training to potential practitioners in return for a commitment of time to work for the charity and help those most in need.

This training includes an initial week long programme with further peer review and mentoring so that all those who wish to work as practitioners feel confident in using our Paradigm Therapy™ when beginning to work with clients, or to those who are willing to work for the charity within a fundraising role.

Training is free to those that wish to assist Talking 2 Minds the charity with continuing to help those most in need as the financial cost of delivering and training practitioners can be offset against a commitment of time in the true ethos of social enterprise.

After initial selection to identify those that truly wish to help others, it generally takes around 2 years to train a Talking 2 Minds Paradigm™ Practitioner, however, after initial training we offer full support and mentoring in working with clients in a safe and supportive environment. 

Training is conducted in three stages with each stage being used to select those that have the abilities to move onto the next level.  There is a further fourth stage for those wishing to become a Practitioner Trainer.


Level One Paradigm Foundations Training™ 

Level Two Paradigm Foundations Training™ 

Level Three Paradigm Foundations Trainers Training™ 

Level Four Paradigm Therapy Trainers Training™


Please note: Talking 2 Minds cannot guarantee the abilities of those who work outside the Talking 2 Minds programme as they do so under their own auspices. If in doubt about someone claiming to be qualified to use Paradigm Therapy™  please contact