Return to work therapy

Talking 2 Minds Training is the trading arm of  Talking 2 Minds the Charity which works directly with severe stress-related conditions. Practitioners are drawn from a variety of professional disciplines and undergo rigorous training and selection to ensure they support our approach and ethos.

For those who are absent through stress related illness we offer a one to one therapeutic service to enable them to return to work. We then provide group training sessions when they ar ready to re-engaging with the work place and can support them when they return to work.

Work is the healthy option

There is growing evidence to support that work is in fact good for health and can even attribute to healthier lifestyles. Giving the appropriate support and addressing the underlying causes of stress can assist people regain self confidence and ultimately their health.

Measured support

Talking 2 Minds specialise in providing the support needed for employers to create a stable workplace for employees  to remain mentally healthy and resilient to unnecessary work place stress. Support is given to those that have been affected by stress and for whom absenteeism has become part of a negative cycle.

Mental health and the well being of individuals and their relationship with productivity in the work place are high priority on the Governments agenda. A healthy working age population is a more effective and productive work force who are more able to deal with psychological and physical health.

Talking 2 Minds can help you to find your own appropriate solutions to creating a more productive work envirnoment through coaching, mentoring and therapeutic support.

Ill health, the cost

Every year around 2.5 million people claim incapacity benefit with an escalating liability of over 500,000 new claimants p.a. Over 1.5 million people aged between 49 and 59 are retired each year due to poor mental or physical health.

Early and structured intervention and resilience training will reduce the incident of people moving from the work place into unemployment and poverty with increased risk of poor mental health.

Talking 2 Minds Training Courses offer to assist stem the flow and actively reverse the effects of stress. 

Resiliently fit 

Early interventions can prevent short term physical and psychological illnesses developing into more severe and debilitating conditions which lead to poor productivity and worthlessness.

Through training and interventions the work force can gain a greater understanding of how their minds and bodies are connected and how work in unison and how external factors can influence internal representations and feelings. Left unchecked individuals can experience an array of increasing negativity that undermines their ability to deal with everyday stresses. The resulting negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors are both detrimental to the effectiveness of the employee and those around them.

It is not uncommon for individuals to develop destructive traits within the work environment that can quickly destroy a positive working environment with disaterous financial implications.

By understanding how you communicate with yourself and others you can understand how others communicate with you. This balance allows for those returning to work after suffering from severe stress related conditions to be more readily accepted and ultimately become more effective in their work.

Back to work

Often the return to the work place can be daunting after prelongued illness or absence due to stress. Talking 2 Minds Training and Therapeutic Services can ease this transition by dealing with the root causes of the stress and target the anxieties that may surround the process of reintegration.

By assisting the employee back to work by addressing the root cause of their stress the employer has fulfilled their duty of care the the employee and the positive impact of effective management can be measured through productivity, output and the positive re engagement of fellow peers employees.

Positive steps

For those that engage with our Therapeutic services the journey does not end there. Talking 2 Minds provide a series of follow up opportunities for those that were once affected by severe stress related conditions in order to help them continue to move forward positively in their lives.  

Our team will assist service users to identify their positive strengths and gently direct them to set achievable and realistic outcomes that can be measured in a timely fashion.

Benefits of engagement

The benefits of stress related sufferers engaging with Talking 2 Minds can be measured across the board from personal development experiences and improved family dynamics through to the positive changes that can be measured in the work place when the employee returns to work.

All these factors can have a significant impact  on the human level and also on the profit and productivity of an organisation.   to find out more information of what we do.  to find out how you can book onto a Paradigm Training Programme.

You can call 0208 133 0217 or 079171226708 and speak to Sharon, the Talking 2 Minds Training Course Coordinator