Helping you piece together a productive future


Talking 2 Minds Training Ltd takes a unique approach to training the corporate work force – as well as individuals wishing to become Paradigm Practitioners™ .

Our ethos begins with the knowledge that the individual and/or organisations have the answers to their own problems. Our purpose is to unlock those hidden secrets.

“Success is potential, minus interference.”

Interference such as stress, poor communication, personal insecurities and lack of understanding lead to decreasing performance, poor time management and team breakdown. We tackle them at the source with interactive and bespokely-designed programmes, combined with one to one coaching.

Our practitioners – all highly successful in their own fields – will help you unlock the potential within each member of your team and create a more productive and efficient business. They will enable you to leave negative stress behind and move forward – wherever you want to go.

Imagine what would happen if every single individual in your organisation was working happily, to their full potential and on-side with the goals of the business.


For full details of how our approach works, the science behind the programmes and verification from outside organsations, browse the list opposite.