A personal appeal from founder, Bob Paxman

bob picTalking 2 Minds urgently needs your help to help those experiencing Severe Stress Related Conditions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Bob says “I suffered PTSD after many years working in hostile environments while serving with the SAS. After trying all the traditional medical treatments the NHS has to offer I became increasingly desperate to get some kind of quality of life.

What I have discovered is that for many of us experiencing the symptoms of PTSD the drugs simply don’t work and Paradigm therapy offers relief from the symptoms of PTSD by working at the clients own pace to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

PTSD is a complex condition and can show itself at any time, often years after serving in the armed forces. If we look at the Falklands war it is know that 255 died during the conflict but over 300 have taken their own life since the war ended, many displaying the symptoms of PTSD.

If you look at the number or British forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 10 years then there is a real problem emerging and Talking 2 Minds want to help as many as possible to combat the symptoms of PTSD before they become desperate enough to take their own lives.

Since launching Talking2Minds we have transformed the lives of nearly 450 victims with a 97% success rate and the charity offer places on the Paradigm Change Programme Free of Charge to all of those distressed by the symptoms of PTSD. 

Why we use Paradigm Therapy™:

Paradigm Therapy™ is non invasive and drug free.

Paradigm Therapy™works with the client at their own speed to enable them to pick up the pieces of their lives and help heal the mental scars.

Talking 2 Minds Paradigm Change Programme™ uses a holistic approach and works with the  client on an individual basis to get to the root cause of the problem without revisiting the trauma as some traditional medical approaches do.

Talking 2 Minds survives wholly on the commitment of volunteers.

The money we raise doesn’t pay salaries or build rehabilitation centres, it goes directly to being able to run more courses and help the clients.

Every time I appear in the media, the phone rings with victims crying out for help and we need to respond. PTSD kills people, the incidence of service personnel leaving the armed forces and committing suicide is on the increase. It can turn celebrated soldiers into street drunks, wreck families, destroy careers and lead to long term mental health issues… 

Talking 2 Minds volunteers know because they have been there and come through the other side.

Talking 2 Minds know how to help people, we want to help people and your support will help us do just that.

Every penny, every run you take part in, every collection box really does make a difference.

Thank you to all those who have helped us to be where we are today.

Why Give To Us?

Every penny you donate to Talking 2 Minds goes directly into offering Veterans experiencing the symptoms of Severe Stress Related conditions and PTSD.

The more money we raise the more clients we can help and the more practitioners we can train to deliver the 4 day Paradigm Change Programme™ FREE OF CHARGE.

Talking 2 Minds want to staff help lines to offer a speedy response to clients in need

Talking 2 Minds want to be able to offer Paradigm Change Programmes™ throughout the UK and to do that we need to raise money to cover equipment, travel and venue costs.

How Can You Help?

  • Make a donation, however small it really does help
  • Set up a monthly donation 
  • Making Talking 2 Minds your charity of choice at sponsored events
  • Making Talking 2 Minds your charity of choice for legacy donations
  • Offset tax and give a donation to Talking2Minds instead of the Taxman

All donations contributed through virgin money giving mean the charity get that extra 25% that would usually be taxed so please click the link below to find out details of how to make your donation.

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If You Still Need Convincing… please read a few testimonials of those who have completed the Talkin g2 Minds Paradigm Change Programme

“In Iraq I was unlucky enough to drive into a road side bomb in the centre of Basra. In the incident two colleagues lost their lives. I suffered shrapnel wounds to the back of my head and am now deaf in my left ear. I have been told by doctors I will eventually lose the sight in my left eye. 

Four months after returning to the UK my closest friend could no longer live with his “PTSD” and shot himself whilst on a training exercise in Surrey, in front of 30 men.

 I was diagnosed with PTSD in October 2010 and I was immediately taken off duties, no longer able to hold a weapon and confined to my married quarters until the army decided my fate. For the next ten months I was taking five different forms of medication, one of them being more popular than the others …. alcohol.”

 After…. “I stopped my medication the days I completed my course and my daily nightmares have since disappeared, and all in all life is great!!!!! It is a miracle. Bob and his team have changed my life.” 

“I have served for currently 19 years and been all over the world within the Army. I lost my left leg below the knee from a gunshot wound sustained in Afghanistan in 2007.

My family started to mention that my mood swings and frustration were causing problems with my marriage and family and friends. I had a mental problem which the usual medical intervention could not help me with.”

After… “On finishing the first day my wife noticed that my attitude and wicked sense of humour had returned, I started to see the funny side of life and to enjoy life again. Even though I have sustained a traumatic injury life does not stop and we all must go on and live each day as if it is the last.

Talking 2 Minds has changed my life. My marriage is now back on track after coming very close to ending and the people who are close to me have all noticed how much like my former self I am now. I wish to personally thank all of the Talking 2 Minds team for their support and friendship. Live long and live life to the fullest because we only get one chance at it.”

 “Not long after I left the Army I started going off the rails. I went to plenty of doctors but they all gave me the brush off. I was then sent to a well known charity that helps people with PTSD and was diagnosed with it and some other things. My world fell apart and so began the road of 49 plus tablets a day, being told I was mental there was no cure for this PTSD  and would have to learn to live with it. I attempted suicide 5 times by cutting, hanging and overdosing.”

 After… “After five days on a Talking 2 Minds course I returned a completely new guy. T2M saved my life and marriage and achieved what six years of NHS treatments and medication completely failed to.”

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