This is a note to say hello, and tell you how very grateful I am to talking 2 minds. I’ve purposely waited to email you as I was waiting for the inexplicable ‘it’ factor that I felt on day 4 of the programme to fade or somehow not work anymore once I returned to the real world. Do you know what ? It’s just continued to grow !

I can’t believe it, people have noticed a change in me, I’ve noticed it, I can’t explain or put into words, except to say with honesty, that I have never felt this way in my entire life. I have, for as long as I can remember, never felt I belonged on this earth and life has been such a struggle for many a year but I’ve tried to live my life. I knew I only went through the motions and not with true emotion as I was profoundly sad – not depressed, just sad, and covered the fact. At talking 2 minds I didn’t feel that, it was draining but purifying, like my demons were filtered and only the good stuff went home with me. I would love you to pass on to Ellis that his ‘way’ of dealing with certain things has remained very much a part of my life and I use it daily.

This is the same with the words spoken by Matt and Clare when I was a wreck, they reached me, both of them. I had nearly given up on myself ever being able to feel anything but broken. It’s remarkable how putting into practice the techniques, how they they really do change your life. I meditate every day and find I have never slept so well in my life.

The problems are still here, the awful situations with my daughter Sally, and other stressful situations, but I can cope. I can never repay you, I say you, as in all of you.

I wouldn’t wish to presume I’d be of any use, but I’d love to one day be instrumental in being a volunteer, I would like to pass on what’s been gifted to me, when I’ve properly found my feet of course.

Very best wishes, no, scrub that, – love to all.