My name is Craig I served in the British Army for 10 years; I have toured Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I left the army a lance sergeant in May 2011 after being diagnosed with PTSD 10 months prior.

I was involved in a few traumatic incidents in Iraq 2004 & 2006 were I was unlucky enough to drive into a road side bomb in the centre of Basra, in the incident 2 of my colleges lost their lives, one being a trooper, the other being a captain. I suffered Shrapnel wounds to the back of my head and am now deaf in my left ear as a result, I have been told by doctors I will eventually lose the sighting in my left eye.

4 months after returning to the UK my closest friend could no longer live with his “PTSD” and shot himself whilst on a training exercise in Surrey. He shot himself in front of 30 men who were training to deploy to Afghan for the first time. I and 5 other colleges carried his coffin and buried him in his home town of Bristol.

Afghan 2007. – My battalion suffered a loss of 6 men, 2 who were very close friends.

Afghan 2009/2010. – 4 more men lost, including our RSM and a LT COL

I was diagnosed with PTSD in October 2010 and I was immediately taken of duties, no longer able to hold a weapon and confined to my married quarters until the army decided my fate. For the next 10 months I have been taking 5 different forms of medication, one of them being more popular than the others ….”ALCOHOL”.

I first heard of “Talking 2 Minds” in late 2010 and instantly dismissed the idea of someone curing my PTSD, until I moved back to my home town a finally got myself on the course. Most people take the course over 4 days, but I was 100% sorted by the second day, life in general gets laid before you and your problems seem to move to the bottom of the pile, without giving away any secrets, this “change course” has change my life for the “BEST”!!!!!!

It has been a month since I completed the course, and I have stopped my medication, my dreams and nightmares have been reduced by at least 90%, and all in all life is great!!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity thank all the Guys from T2M for all the help and support they have gave me, especially Ernie (YODA), Bob and Billy!!!!

Myself and my wife will remain loyal supporters of the Charity until death do us part!!!!!