Since being involved in a road traffic accident, six years ago, I have suffered numerous symptoms of PTSD. However the accident was just a catalyst for the suffering that I had experienced on and off since childhood. I had experienced episodes of melancholy to episodes of depression, unfortunately the accident brought about a sever long term reaction to what had been an uphill struggle all my life.

Following the gently guided sign posts from a friend, I eventually picked up the phone and signed up to talking2minds. I was confused and angry with myself for needing to go on a course. It is only now that I have completed the four day course that I can realise the benefits of a clearer less anxious mind.

I can understand and appreciate how it was my own mind and actions that were preventing me from leading the life that I now know I deserve to have, a life of ease, happy and fun accepting the good days, including possibly some rainy days.

I am immensely grateful to talking2minds and their fantastic practitioners, they are all so open about the fact that they too have experienced difficult times, that’s how they manage to provide such a brilliant enlightening service!!

If you are reading this then you will know what I am talking about, as you too will be searching, just as I  was, for the right type of support. If you are looking for advanced, unobtrusive, caring treatment then this process is for you. I can highly recommend it. I feel better at last, lighter brighter knowing that my future is attainable, I just need to remember to enjoy the now.

Within three days of completing the course my sister agreed to see a practitioner, to enable her to deal with the difficulties that she is currently experiencing, how cool is that. I believe she saw the change in me and wanted to feel lighter too! 

Thank you to talking2minds and your team for giving me the tools to move on with my life.