Three years ago I was in a very traumatic accident while I was on an expedition in Greenland. I was lost in a snow storm, and spent three days on my own without food, shelter, warm clothing or anything. Luckily there was a Danish frigate in the area, and it was diverted to help in the search and rescue coordinating it’s helicopter, the Air Greenland helicopter, and the ground search teams.

I spent a week in the local hospital recovering from frostbite to my hands, feet and face, before being flown home to the UK to recuperate. Although it only took three months for the physical injuries to heal, I was left with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I was passed from pillar to post in the NHS, with ever stronger medication, that was not having any effect at all. I was constantly in and out of work because of my condition, and spent every penny I had on trying out private therapies, including Harley Street, all to no avail. They replied to me within two days, and had me booked onto their “change” course four weeks ago.

I went onto the course very skeptical, how could they do in four days, what nobody else had been able to do in three years? I wont bore you with the details of the course, but on the anniversary of me going missing, they found my mind again. I saw with my own eyes a group of people who had no hope, change into people laughing and smiling, walking out from that course with purpose back in their lives.