I left the army 21 years ago; I never served in a combat zone so I didn’t think my head was messed up I thought my issues where nothing really for years I had gone through cycles of anger that seemed to come from nowhere and I couldn’t explain. I self medicated with alcohol and soft drugs for years but never realized what I was doing in my darkest days I tried to end my life.

The NHS where really good they pumped me up with drugs and gave me courses of CBT nothing really worked, the drugs left me numb so I learnt to nod and smile and give them the answers that they were looking for.

I managed to feel sort of normality for years until a few incidents at work which sent me a little sideways. Making contact with T2M was very easy they speak your language and treat you like a person.  Had mixed emotions the weekend before the course thinking I wasn’t a box of frogs but it turned out I needed to go, them four days where “awesome” the clarity and calmness that I now have is amazing.

My relationships with friends and loved ones have all improved in vast and unseen ways, other issues that I had hidden since childhood have come out since doing the course and I was able to deal with them and get on with my life after talking about them.  The greatest compliment i have received since doing the course has been from one of the clients that I work with who said “ there is something about you and the way you speak that just chill’s me out”

I am looking forward to going back in 3 months time to do my Practitioner Training and I should have completed at least my reiki 1 training by them too, so that I can help others that want a new least of life.