I served for 6years in the 1st Btn Coldstream Guards Iserved in Iraq, Bosnia, Kenya and Afghanistan (Helmand Province) I was discharged from the army in August 09.

It was meant to be a medical discharge on the grounds of P.T.S.D how ever the army kicked me out because of a fight i had in 2007. When i was discharged I hit rock bottom and my P.T.S.D and I was out of control. I found Bob on face book by chance and I went on GMTV with him before going on the change program.

I have to say that this was better treatment than the EMDR i got with the army. T2M really helped me deal with my P.T.S.D probably saved my relationship and maybe even my life!!! After this course I was abel to think straight and get my life back on track and with help I have managed to change the way the army treat solders with P.T.S.D and i had my admin discharge overturned to a medical discharge.

My goal in life is to now to do a practitioners course and work for T2M and help people who have been in the same situation as me.

Thank you very much Rob and T2M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GMTV Before


GMTV After