Having had time to reflect on my experience of T2M, I would say that there are several key areas of ‘connective tissue’ that created such a beneficial and healing enviroment:

COMPASSION – Despite my doubts, fears and cynicism I was almost immediately struck by the genuine, warm and non-judgemental approach of the trainers and facilitators.

SUPPORT – Suffering is relative and subjective but everyone on the course had experience of deep pain. This encouraged comradship amongst both ex-service and non-service participants and encouraged a ‘reaching out’ to others which enabled release from the ‘locked in’ and isolated feelings that had become the painful norm. This friendship and ongoing support can be easily accessed in the future.

HUMOR – Very important this, because PTSD/depression is a world in which laughter and joy is not given any access. Unbelievably, this begins to reawaken on the course and is proof to yourself that you’re coming alive again!

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – The realization dawns that whatever has gone before, no matter how traumatic – need no longer destroy your current and future life and personal tools are developed that enable participants to work from within to alleviate symptoms as opposed to fearfully needing to control your enviroment and those around you.

CONFIDENCE – Having reawakened to your inner capability and with the tools provided to overcome self-imposed barriers; one leaves the course feeling renewed and hopeful again for the future.