For many years,  I have worked on the old service theory of work hard, play hard! In other words, I was drinking myself to death and destroying my marriage/family life.  Things did not improve when I was diagnosed as having PTSD from my service in HM Forces.

About two years ago, I saw programme on the tv about Talking 2 minds.  I was very sceptical – how can they take away all my pain and confusion, as I continued to destroy my life and those around me.  My wife got me the information and persuaded me to give it a try.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I was accepted on the course and I turned up on first day with an open mind, thinking to myself, I will give it an hour and I will know one way or another.  I stayed and the rest is history.  It was probably the best four days of my life.  Talking 2 minds helped me get my life in perspective.  The whole team are not only friendly and helpful, but they are kind and genuine.  Talking 2 minds probably helped to save my marriage and my life for that I will always be thankful.

Former Royal Marine