After I left the army, I had many of the symptoms of PTSD – depression, mood swings, an inability to sleep properly, and nightmares when I could get to sleep.

Today, now that I have completed the PTSD course, it is like the curtain has been lifted on a new world. It’s made a massive difference to my outlook on life and I really feel amazing.  For the first time in ages, I have been able to sleep without being disturbed by nightmares.

Everyone has stories to tell about their time in Afghanistan and I dare say my story isn’t that different to other soldiers who have completed tours of duty out there.  I lost a good friend in just the second month of the tour. By the time the tour was over, I counted six comrades had been killed.

Nothing can change the past and what happens in places like Afghanistan  and I am obviously not alone in returning home and then facing a struggle to deal with the things we saw out there.  Fortunately, help was available to me. I did receive some counselling at the Swn-y-Gwynt Day Hospital in Tirydail Road, Ammanford, but the thing that has made the major difference has been the Talking2minds change course.