For years I have struggled with the label ‘victim’ following abuse and rape.  I searched for an answer for the shit I was carrying, ‘why me?’  I was in a cycle of self abuse, drink, drugs, food, self destructive behaviours …..if you know what I have been going through then you know what I mean.  The self abuse affected not only my own mind and body, but my family and friends.  I was constantly was running, hiding and blaming others

So I came to Talking 2 Minds.  My head was screaming RUN!!   RUN NOW!!  Somewhere in me said ‘This is the last chance.’  So I came in and let go.  Don’t get me wrong, it was not always easy, only because of my own fears and anxieties.  I needed to do this I wanted to heal myself and Talking 2 Minds gave me the tools to do that.  I didn’t have to relive anything like other ‘traditional’ therapies made me do, how did those people who hadn’t experienced what I had possibly know?  I feel I totally let go of all that shit I have carried forever.  My heart condition (that I realise now is linked to my anxieties and fears) has dropped down, my thinking is clear, I am in a better place – the place I have searched for

All I can say to you is “Thank You” which isn’t enough but honestly from the bottom of my fixed heart, and a smile on my face!  Thank you guys for helping me over come and conquer.

Dawn x