“In the year 2008, on many occasions I was dragged into the medical centre, being told I had anger issues and that in my personal life I was taking undue risks in my personal life.  I was caught speeding on many occasions, being arrested in foreign countries for “base jumping” I decided enough was enough.  I cut my extended service short in the military and ran to Egypt, whilst in Egypt I dove on a daily basis, going beyond thirty two metres.  Many people already knew I was suffering from the symptoms of PTSD, due to circumstances beyond my control I had to return to the UK, where I set up a new life with my partner and daughter.

I was suffering at night and people around me were concerned about my behavior, mood swings and general well-being.  I went to the NHS and was diagnosed with PTSD, however I didn’t trust them and a friend of mine put me in touch with Talking2Minds.  I went on a “change programme” in December 2009 and I was then able to sleep comfortably at night in a bed, however finding myself as a new person, I didn’t feel worthy of what I had and family life became an extreme problem.

In February 2010 my daughter was seriously injured in a road traffic accident, I then started to take NHS prescribed anti-depressants to cope with this.  I had an allergic reaction to the drugs, started to hallucinate on them, loose weight rapidly, which was a side affect of the drugs.  I became very withdrawn, my partner left me, my company went bankrupt, it got to much, to the point I had a gun to my head.  At the beginning of April 2010 I was sectioned, my daughter contacted Talking2Minds, the hospital released me and I had five days intensive one -to-one treatment from a Talking2Minds practitioner.

This got me back on track, kept me and my daughter together.  Since then I have rebuilt my life, I have a new house, plans to start-up a new company.  Having the support of Talking2Minds and my daughter I do not see the negativity of what has happened to me in the past, I see the positivity of the future.  The biggest realization for me is I have a future and I am grateful for the support Talking2Minds has given me”.