My partner has suffered from PTSD for 15 years, I met him whilst suffering with this disorder.  I could always see a glimmer of who he really was underneath the horrible symptons of PTSD.  We had always said that we would get through it together, and although he was the one suffering the true symptons, it was me who got the edge of those symptoms. He had had quite a bit of therapy/counselling, which I dreaded as much as him!…..I daren’t ask or start up a conversation about the therapy, if he wanted to talk about it …… he would start up the discussion and would end it abruptly by causing an argument in an attempt to stop me asking anymore questions or wishing to talk about it anymore!

He would snap at me for the most irrelevant reasons, things that i would mention in total innocence, would be suddenly a massive deal and taken totally the wrong way. Most of the time i felt totally shut out, I couldn’t ask him how he was when he was suffering and for the majority of the time, I had no idea what he was truly going through, but I knew it was there because of his total shut down!

Totally by chance, he saw a short documentary about Talking2Minds, and looked them up on the net, emailed them and had a repsonse of hope! We both felt relief and excited at the chance of hope, although it seemed to be a long wait before he was actually invited on a course.  Finally he was invited and went, with no expectations, no excitement, with no view of what would happen.  At the end of the first day, I spoke to him on Skype, I saw a man, a smiling man, a laughing man, a man that wasn’t gripped with anxiety, a man willing to talk for hours of his experience of that very day………. and the same for evening 2, 3 and finally 4 when we saw each other again!

Now, I have the truly lovely, generous, open, fun loving, positive and well man that i knew was underneath the lovely man I fell in love with.   We’ve fallen in love all over agian, we have brand new plans, plans to travel, plans to enjoy, plans to just be together! and those are things that we would both had only dreamt about…. we never truly saw that could be a reality!

Thank you to all at Talking2Minds for bringing my BIG TONE back! I love you Tone! x