I was medically discharged in 2000 with “signs and symptoms of PTSD and in 2009, in 2003 Combat stress confirmed that I did indeed suffer from PTSD but were unable to help me, after countless therapies and treatments, all of which would leave me more traumatised I was referred to an NHS Trauma related therapy team In June 2009 a DRMiv assessment was carried out and It scored 125. The drmiv assessed the severity of PTSD. In plain English the score ment I was suffering from severe PTSD which was chronic. Throughout the therapy the assesment never changed and I was exhausted.

In 2010 I asked if I could attend a Talking 2 Minds 4 day change program and I was accepted. The change program was different from all the other treatments I had been through, at the end of the course I was not left feeling worse then when I had started. But then again if you are like me you may also be aware how one feels when they have seen a good movie, walking out of the cinema like your favourite character , so……

Regardless of how I felt I had already put structures in place. I had spoken to my therapist from the Trauma Stress service and asked him to independently assess the PTSD using the DRMiv scale. The day after the course it dropped 9 points and my Therapist and I both knew that it would be the following months assessment which would show the real difference…..and it did…..it dropped to 24. During those months I realized that Talking2Minds equipped me with the tools I needed to deal with my PTSD.

Talking2Minds have been there for me ever since, and if ever I need to talk to someone I just pick the phone up and its usually Bob Paxman I speak to. He and everyone from Talking 2 Minds have been absolutely fantastic and very supportive.

My son has since told me ” It’s Good to have my back Dad”
Thanks to Bob Paxman I have hope.