Most people know me as “Davey”, a carefree, happy go lucky Infantry Soldier of 23 years.  For the last six years, I have known me as something completely different.

I have been fighting with myself and inner anger over events that have troubled me and left me with a major sense of guilt.  As the six years have progressed, so has my fight, getting bigger and harder to understand.

I married the love of my life in April 2010 and by August 18th 2010, a night I will never forget, my anger had got so bad that I abused my wife.  I had done this before to a lesser degree but none the less, its abuse.

As I was leaving the Army, I sought help and was told by the military that I had issues with an ex girlfriend and not to worry(this wasnt the case).

I then sought further help and was prescribed “Bed Wetting tablets”, this came as a real shock to find that a Doctor was feeding me a placebo.

I rejected the tablets and went to another doctor who prescribed my better and more appropriate drugs.  He sent me on a Journey, seeing various physciatrists, CBT, EMDR, Anger Management, Demostic Violence courses all of which kept me locked in vicious circle.  The depression was getting worse and so was the guilt.  My actions were becoming iratic, I fuelled all of this with prescribed medicines and alcohol.

A “FRIEND” told me about talking2minds, what did I have to loose.  I didnt have any faith in anything anymore.  I believed that I would have a troubled mind for the rest of my life and that I could suppress it only with drugs.

“How wrong was I?”

I have completed the change programme and I am more happy with me now than I was six years ago.  Not only have talking2minds given me a new begining, they have given me a new vision.

I will be indebted to those that have helped give me back my life and I intend to pay it forward!