14 March 2011

I joined the army at the age of 16, i served as a member of the recce platoon in the infantry and later specialised as a COP soldier in NI. During my time served i experienced many things which have now 10 years on had a major inpact in my life my relationships and my work.

Never really having the ability to effectivley communicate and share my feelings and also not knowing the reasons behind my behaviour led to my career being cut short. To proud to ask for help and to embarresed to approach my peers.

First receiving help via the army and the NHS in 1998 the entire process became painful, humiliating and drove me into a deeper state of depression, the very thought of going through Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy again insensed me.

I recevied treatment for anxiety dissorders and depression from 2004 onwards but nothing made any kind of change i could warrent as succesfull. Even my brief encounter with the RBL and Combat stress was to familiar process to explore again.

In march 2011 in attended a change course ran by talking2minds, witha therapy which i had not been aware of, one which enabled me to make the changes myself after being given the tools, a relaxed friendly and non intrusive enviroment followed by briefs from great men and women who gave me thier time in return for nothing.

The treatment after 2 days enabled me to not only think for myself but also to be able recognise my reactions were normal.

Talking2minds have done for me in 2 days what no-one has managed in 14 years. Talking2minds have given me my life back, they have given me a second opportunity to be the proud man i once was, the change has not only affected me but my partner, my children and my parents. I feel proud of myself for making those first difficult steps but i would never look back.

Talking2minds not only consentrated on the trauma in my life but also help me set goals and empowered me to acheive them, i feel emotion i feel love but best of all i feel like me again i felt as though i had just been through my second passing out parade.

I could never thank Talking2minds and all of the practitioners involved for what they have done for me, nothing will ever be enough  but then i know they will all tell me “i made the change myself” and for a change i can pat myself on the back!

I truly hope if you are reading this statement because you have heard of Talking2minds that you can forget any worries you may have , If you can find it in yourself to do anything please just contact Talking2minds and come on this journey with us.

Thank you to Bob, Martin, Andy and Andy W for your support and time.

Dean Lacey

Co-Director Action for Armed Forces