I was kidnapped when I was 19 years old. The experience was very traumatic and I started to experience the symptoms of ptsd. The nhs were very unhelpful, a psychiatrist dismissed what I had said and sent me home from hospital the next two years I was an emotional wreak. I was dealing with the court case and had to give evidence at the old baily.The person who kidnapped me was convicted. He was also found guilty of kidnapping another girl.

I carried on with life working and getting a good education I got married to a soldier but life was a struggle. It put a strain on my marriage and at work I ended up being bullied   I did not know what was going on but I had terrible mood swings and got depressed. I never got a referral to a psychiatrist and all my gp would do was put me on anti depressants, these made me feel worse and at one stage I took an overdose. I had a car crash in 2003 and saw a psychologist who diagnosed ptsd from the car crash and ptsd from being kidnapped when I was 19.

As the psychologist was being paid for through my car insurance he could only treat the car accident..  It was good to have a diagnosis of ptsd and he wrote a letter to my GP saying I needed further help. My GP said no, it was then by mistake that I found out that the psychiatrist had diagnosed me with a personality disorder as he thought that I had made up being kidnapped. He had also put down on my medical records not for subject access!

So I never knew this diagnosis had been made. Luckily for me there was a conviction and I showed my GP that a mistake in diagnosis had been made. I then thought that I would receive some counselling which I did but I found that talking about what happened did nothing to help and I found that the Doctors would get unthawed in what I was saying asking me for more and more detail but never gave any advice to help me. In fact I would often leave the therapy sessions more traumatised than when I went in.  I was offered emdr in relation to my car crash but this only dealt with what had happened in 2003.so I was still suffering with ptsd i.e. mood swings night sweats sleep walking aggressive behaviour flash backs.

I was made aware of a charity called talking 2 minds and went on a change programme. I am amazed by the results. The treatment I had instead of focusing on the event itself  took me back to a time when I first experienced trauma a time when my body and brain first learnt how to react to it. Amazingly in 4 days I lost all my symptoms of ptsd from being kidnapped to a car crash and every traumatic experience big and small before that time. The change programme really works and it feels very good but a bit strange not to have ptsd when I have had it for over 20 years. After getting very positive results from going on a talking to minds change course I want to help other people suffering with ptsd.