I was informed about Talking2Minds by an old school mate who knew I had been through some difficult times. I got in touch and was surprised at how fast things progressed to get a place on the course. Arriving at the venue on the Tuesday morning was very daunting as it was a step into the unknown for me and also others on the course. When the Practitioners adressed us all, it became apparent that they had been where I was with PTSD and although still feeling very sceptical, I went with it. Clients on the course are treated with respect and equality by all staff and I was surprised that the entire programme is paced totally by the client and there is no requirement to remember any content or cause of PTSD.

To cut a long story short, it works! I truly feel that somebody walked around to my dark side and turned the light back on! I’m so glad I took the step. Maybe now I can look to where I’m going instead of looking back to where I’ve been. Thanks!