I met my partner Jamie a few months after he had left the army, he served for 6 years in the artillary and did 3 tours of iraq. The first 6 months of our relationship were brilliant and then i noticed his behaviour and mood change gradually untill myself and his family realised there was a problem.

Our relationship turned from great to unrecognisable at times. It was as if he became possesed with anger, rage, depression and aggression. We found combat stress and Jamie attended therapy sessions, Where he was diagnosed with chronic PTSD He was put on anti depressants and went to a treatment centre a few times. Nothing was working if anything he was getting worse. It turned nasty toward the end. I constantly felt as if i were walking on eggshells. I constantly had to watch what i said, judge his mood and make sure everything was just right to try to avoid the outbursts. It began to severly effect me, i began to feel his outbursts were my fault at times as he would take his aggression out on me. Jamie was suppose to go to the treatment centre in march i was at my wits end thinking if he didnt continue his treatment and help himself then i couldnt possibly stay with him if he didnt want to get the help. He didnt go on this occasion, he said he had heard of talking2minds, I couldnt believe what i was hearing i was ready to leave i didnt believe this kind of therapy would work as i didnt understand it. We both were offered the change course which we did attend. It was the best thing we could have done. I always saw through the illness and seperated the man from the ptsd, which was the hard bit as i knew he was in there somewhere but i couldn’t set him free. I have always had so much faith in him and stood by him. Iv’e felt completly isolated and as if i was the only one who cared but i was so wrong. Talking2minds has helped us massivly to save our family and i will be forever grateful to the wonderful people involved. Myself and Jamie want to help others and become practioners everyone deserves this change course it has been truly lifechanging. Since the course we hardly recognise ourselves in a possitive way, we have become closer than ever before and are building a really positive future together as a couple and this has all been made possible by the therapy offered by the lovely people a talking2minds. Carrie.