I can only talk about my personal experiences of Talking 2 Minds.

My background is probably like many others here is a summary of my story..

I joined the Army in the 1990s as a medic in the RAMC. I had a fantastic time in the Armed forces but was medically discharged in 2000 with signs and symptoms of PTSD.

Since this discharge I received all kinds of treatments through both the voluntary and NHS. It was Combat stress that helped me get a firm diagnosis of PTSD and dissociative fugue states. However after spending just a week with Combat Stress where I had been subjected to reliving my traumas I was left high and dry. Combat Stress were unable to help me and felt that the time I had spent with them had been counterproductive. They had every best intention in the world and I thank them for their sincerity and their efforts but the result left me worse then when I had gone in. Now let me stress this again, I thank combat stress for the fact I came away with a firm diagnosis of PTSD which helped me through the benefits maze that I found myself in. After that the NHS ..well some things are best not said……lets just say they did not help, however in 2009 I was referred to a Trauma related therapy team, who I am still under. In June 2009 a DRM IV assessment was carried out and it scored 125..the DRM IV assessed the severity of PTSD. in plain English the score meant I was suffering from severe PTSD which was chronic.

In 2010 I asked if I could attend a Talking 2 Minds 4 day change program and I was accepted. The change program was different from all the other treatments I had been through, at the end of the course I was not left feeling worse than when I had started, but then again if you are like me you may also be aware how one feels when they have seen a good movie..walking out of the cinema like your favourite character , so…..regardless of how I felt I had already put structures in place. I had spoken to my therapist from the Trauma Stress service and asked him to independently assess the PTSD using the DRMIV scale.. the day after the course it dropped 9 points. but my Therapist and I both knew that it would be the following months assessment which would show the real difference..and it did..it dropped to below 50 and has carried on dropping. And during those months My realization is that Talking2Minds equipped me with the tools I needed to deal with my PTSD.

Talking2Minds have been there for me ever since, and if ever I need to talk to someone I just pick the phone up and its usually Bob Paxman I speak to. He and everyone from Talking 2 Minds have been absolutely fantastic and very supportive.

(We will follow Sparky over the coming months as he qualifies in our system in order to help others)