Well were do i start i have known Mark for 12 years and been married to him  for 11 not long after he left the Army he started going of the rails we were married about  year, he went to plenty of doctor`s but they all gave him the brush off. The amount of jobs he had in 2 years was mad i then was very happy he got a close protection job in London for a chap and his family in the music industry it went really well for 4 or 5 years then he started to burn out people were noticing he had some problems and he could not cover them up. He was then sent to a well known charity that helps people with PTSD and he was diagnosed with it and some other things, well his world fell apart he lost his very well paid job and began the road of 49 plus tablets a day being told he was mental there was no cure for this PTSD  and would have to learn to live with it.

He attempted suicide 5 times by cutting hanging overdosing, we have found him in the nick of time but he has spent time in hospital for it. one thing i will say is we were amazed at the amount of money we could get from the vets agentsy by following the infomation the carrer PTSD suffrurs gave him when he went to the charity place in leatherhead for his 2 weeks he said all they spoke about constantly was how to manipulate the veteran agent’sy to give them money and moan about other guys there.

The only real medical person that stood by him even with the NHS restraints was his Dr, and when mark told him were and what he had done the week before he was over the moon as he new the benefits of Talking2minds,so Bob you some how got him to go on the course i don’t know what happened in them 6 days but he came back a completely new guy i am astounded at the difference in him your charity has well saved his life and i don’t say that lightly you have saved our marriage, a couple of days ago he had some problems with his temper and i panicked but he went out side and came back in, said he was feeling very tierd he then rang Sharon and she very kindly sorted him out by putting him in touch with his master practitioner Johny and all was well its grate he can do that.

what do i say about the people that are complaining about talking2minds  on the face book site well its there right to have a moan but i notice they moan about the negative its a shame all that negativity cant be posative  at least your doing somthing to help and not sat in a house not knowing the real facts ruining it for other service personel i don`t see any one complaining about the NHS or other PTSD Charity’s. 6 years mark suffered going to leatherhad and to the NHS yet five days with you guys he can now live a life and he is hole not a shell gone are the  rubbish like the drinking the violents the quiet spells the mood swings the horrible night mears Bob he was one messed up guy but not now, thank you so very much love you all.

one very Happy wife Lisa xx