I am Mr Richard Jones still currently serving in the Army. I have served for currently 19 years and been all over the world within the Army.

My personal circumstance for attending the Synergy change programme was that I lost my left leg below the knee from a gunshot wound sustained in Afghanistan in 2007. I have never had nightmares or other major symptoms of PTSD but my family (who know you best!) started to mention that my mood swings and frustration were causing problems with my marriage and family and friends. So in all honesty I got a pair of man balls and manned up and realised that I had a mental problem which the usual medical intervention could not help me with.
After doing hours of research on line my wife stumbled across the Talking 2 Minds website and convinced me to ‘give it a go’. After finishing the first day my wife noticed that my attitude and my wicked sense of humour had improved, I started to see the funny side of life and started to enjoy life again. Even though I have sustained a traumatic injury life does not stop and we all must go on and live each day as if it is the last.

Talking 2 Minds has changed my life and I would recommend it to someone who is struggling with their lives after a traumatic event no matter what that event is or was. My marriage is now back on track after coming very close to ending and the people who are close to me have all noticed how much like my former self I am now. I wish to personally thank all of the Talking 2 Minds team for their support and friendship. Live long and live life to the fullest because we only get one chance at it.