I was 17 years old when I joined the Royal Engineers I served in the Gulf war 1990 -91, Bosnia 1993, Angola 1995, Bosnia 1996, Northern Ireland 1997, I served in 4 conflict zones 5 times by the time I was 25.

PTSD is like acid it slowly eats away at the very fabric of your life, it strips you back to the your bones. I leaned heavily on alcohol, for a time it made me feel ok but that inturn brought its own problems.

PTSD cost me my Army career, 2 marriages, a relationship with my 3 children, and any chance of a civilian career, I withdrew so far into myself that I started to self harm, the pain let me know that I was still alive even though I felt dead on the inside. Suicidal thoughts were just 1 step behind and its hard fighting those demons, PTSD takes you to some very dark and lonely places, but there is light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Talking2Minds.

They saved my life of that I have no doubts, I am slowly rebuilding my life which I know will be a long slow process but I have thoughts of a future now were before there was none. I hope to become a practioner and master practioner to be able to guide other sufferers out of PTSD and towards a new life.

You only reach the bottom when you stop digging, so please put down the shovel pick up the phone and call Talking2Minds, its a non invasive technique and you are guided all the way on a one to one basis by someone who has been on a similar journey as yourself.