I joined the Royal Engineers in 1984 and left in 1990. I had to leave because I thought I was going mad. I now know that 3 years in Northern Ireland had stuffed me up. My depression got worse to the point of trying to top myself. Things got very bad and resulted in my wife calling the peelers and a doctor when I turned my house into an army base in 2003, 13 years after leaving the mob.

I was sectioned into a secure mental hospital and given the tag of sever combat related PTSD. I didn’t have a clue about this stuff but it explains the flashbacks and nightmares for the 13 years. the pills and injections turned me in to a zombie and at the same time I lost my wife, kids and house. One day after 3 months locked up with the best the NHS can offer they decided to do EMDR on me this fucked me up big time and made everything shit loads worse. I then escaped by removing a secure window and getting over a 20 foot wall. I made it even though I was on crutches. I got to Scotland from Suffolk before the police got me and took me to ward 21 in Newcastle under a new section 3.

I’ve have had 24 sections placed on me and tried to top myself over 10 times. The last time I was in a coma for a few days.

It’s now 2009 and my support worker was looking on the net thing and found out about talking2minds because combat stress, EMDR and CBT was making me worse. No offence meant to combat stress they tried but it wasn’t for me.

I have had 13 shrinks both civy and mod all said I was fucked for life. They need to meet Bob, Mick, Ernie and the rest of the guys. I have been given a second shot at a pretty stuffed up life thanks to the guys and lasses at talking2minds. I won’t say any more apart from this works so please don’t listen to folk who say you are stuffed. These guys have fixed harder men than me and 20 years of having PTSD is not funny, please don’t leave it as long as I did you deserve better. Stay safe Pete