I WAS suffering with PTSD for at least ten (10) long years and was properly diagnosed by a trick-cyclist (psychiatrist) about five years ago!

He had just come back from the ‘good old US of A’ after six years treating Vietnam Vets with the same (or similar) symtoms as me.

At the time I was on Seroxat, which he immediately took me off, and prescribed me Efexor XL (maximum dose) and Lithium 800mg. If it wasn’t for my long suffering wife, agreeing to look after and take care of me, I would have ended up in the ‘looney bin’ (psychiatric hospital) along with a straight jacket, right there and then

You see, I was a soldier in the British Army for more than 12years, and in that time had been on active duty in Northern Ireland in 1978, 1980 and 1984, and thought, (wrongly), that the things I saw and experienced there, had been the root cause of the PTSD I was suffering with.

The main symptoms I had was anger, rage and anxiety. Obviously I had a bucket load of other symptoms, but the afore-mentioned were the main ones.

I wouldn’t leave the house, (including not going to work) I drew all the curtains, unplugged the phones, wouldn’t have visitors etc., because I was scared of what I might do to other people if they pissed me off (made me angry) and, I could get pissed off at the slightest little thing, even a fly in the room!

Anyway, all this changed when I saw Bob Paxman talking about ‘Talking2Minds’ on Sky News!

I immediately contacted him through their website: and booked myself on the next available course. I was very sceptical at first, but Bob assured me that it would definately work, so I said to Bob (who is ex SAS) that if this course doesn’t work, I know where you live, (Lol).

IT HAS WORKED! I would say that I am a totally new man, but in fact, I’m just the man I always was before any of the PTSD crap, crept into my life!

Bob, Mick and everybody that was on my course, have totally changed my life for the better, without Question! You have to do the course to believe it, it’s as simple as that. The results are absolutely astounding, and for the people that knew me when I had my PTSD, the results seem unbelievable!

I’m buzzin my little tits off! Lol. I have been asked to become a practitioner with Talking2minds, and I will definately be taking them up on the offer!

I was on a four day course, and my wife came with me, (security really, as I didn’t want some muppet playing head tennis with me!) and from literaly, the very first day, my wife and I could see tremendous results. I wasn’t swinging on the lamp shade with my Tarzan outfit on, (it was Superman. Lol) but, we could both see the physical changes in my face and I had some sparkle in my eyes, that I hadn’t had for years! My mind felt calm.

We were wondering what the rest of the course could possibly be like! But each and every day, it just got better and better, and because nearly all of the other people there, were ex-squaddies (including the practitioners), and they had already ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’, it all felt so COMFORTABLE, RELAXED, FRIENDLY, FAMILIAR and SECURE.

What they have actually done, without question, is give me, and my wife, our lives back, and I KNOW that they are going to continue to do that with ANYONE who attends the course.

I don’t know if anyone reading this has noticed, but I have used a few ‘Lol’s’ as I write? This is because I now laugh, and smile. In fact, whilst I was at the course, and shortly thereafter, my cheeks were aching so much from all the smiling and laughing I was doing, that they actually hurt! HOW GOOD IS THAT!

I have also removed the telescopic sight I had fitted to the bonnet of the car, as I no longer aim it at the bastards who pull out in front of me!

Lol again!

When I go into a pub now, I am no longer shouting ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’, rather, simply chatting and laughing like all the rest of the ‘normal’ people! FANTASTIC!

It’s even nice to go shopping with the missus! A total no-no before I went to Talking2Minds, cos I used to take the telescope of the car bonnet, and mount it on the trolly!!! Fucking big LOL!!!

I hadn’t realised, but I was actually getting really unfit and slovenly, like a couch potato, because of the lack of enthusiasm I had, and the lack of will to live if I’m honest. So imagine my surprise, when it was pointed out on the course, that although I was an angry, volotile ex sqaddie and wanted to kick the shit out of everyone, in actual fact, I was only really capable of fighting for about ten seconds before I was reaching for my asthma spray!!! Lol. I reckon they (talking2minds) saved my life there!


Anyway, without going on too much, I think you get the gist of things.

Basically, Talking2minds and all the people there are without doubt ‘THE DOG’S BOLLOCKS! I owe them so much for what they have done for my wife and I, and all the people I now come into contact with on a daily basis, that I am now going to help them in any way I can, to help other sufferers regain their lives and look forward to a better future! (Fuck me, I sound like ‘Orange!’) another Lol….

What better way finish….

Go on, pick up the phone, or email Talking2Minds, you know you want to!