Danny and I were invited to take part in the course by Bob who we met on the ITV show This Morning. ‘Bob kept in touch with us after the programme and informed me of the help that Danny could receive. ‘After a lot of persuasion Danny agreed to the treatment.

I know only too well how brave Danny was to attend, his dependence on me due to PTSD was wearing us both down and the constant repercussions of his erratic and hyper-vigilant behaviour put an enormous strain on our relationship and on Dan’s trust on society as a whole.

I left the group (33 people) on the first day after 3 hours excited at being a witness to an almost immediate change in Dan and others within the group. ‘The following morning was a sight to behold, men and women I had seen as crumbling wrecks were now standing taller, confident and smiling, I realised I was involved in a transformation and experience which was rare. ‘I presumed no-one could help Danny, I was wrong.

Part One

Part Two

I was relieved to be with people that understood PTSD, for the first time since meeting Danny I did not feel alone.

The work that Talking2Minds do needs to be advertised, funding needs to be raised to enable more people to get the help they deserve. I am proud to of been active in the course, I received treatment myself as a sufferer of PTSD by proxy and can only speak from experience. ‘I feel that the eggshells I have walked on for so long around Dan are now worn away and truly believe that Danny has a sound and happy future and we can build on that. ‘Danny and I owe so much to Bob and the group as we have hope….and better still we have met friends for life

I hope this letter gives you an insight but feel that there is so much more to be said…if only I could find the words.