My name is Graham Culton, I am a 34 yr old Veteran, whose life like thousands of many other veterans, has been turned upside down in the last 4 mths – since being diagnosed with PTSD.

Since my medical discharge from a 10 year career in H.M.Forces – Army, namely 1st Bn The Queen’s Own Highlanders/The Highlanders. I have constantly led to believe that I have been suffering from Recurrent Depression. I struggled to believe this was true, as I have also experienced symptoms in the last 6 yrs of failed suicide attempts, binge drinking, self-harm, relationship breakdowns, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, low self-esteem, complications in employment. In the last 4 mths, I started receiving severe flash backs and have been suffering from insomnia. My physical health has also been affected immensely. My relationship with my daughter Blaize has also been immensely affected. Blaize is only 4, (acts older than her age).

Through having been offered the Golden opportunity to attend the recent T2M “Synergy Course” in Wigan, for which I am truly grateful to have been able to attend. Much thanks to Rob, Mick, Billy and everyone else that was in attendance. I’ve got the highest of respect and admiration for each and everyone involved and in attendance on the course. Through having been through the course, I am now in a positive position to return back to work next week, also I am able to start building a better and brighter and positive relationship with my daughter, whom is extremely over the moon to have her Daddy back with as she puts it “a better head”. I am organizing a Veterans4Veterans Photography Exhibition for January to raise funds for T2M, and raise the profile of T2M to folks here in the Channel Islands.
I have also managed to find the funds in order to under-take the Practitioners course in Folkstone in Feb 2010.

My life seems so much brighter and “brilliant” and 100% more positive. At this I would highly commend the outstanding work of T2M. “Onwards and Upwards”