If somebody told you that you could get rid of all your symptoms of PTSD in a week, after suffering for 15yrs and seeing countless councillors and psychiatric Practioners you would be very sceptical wouldn’t you, well I was very!

Beginning of Oct 2009 it all came to a point again were I couldn’t cope at all and was experiencing built up rage for no reason at all. It was my partner who found and researched T2M and who told me about it but as in the past just thought I could get over it myself, no point going the doctors as last time I went they recommended me to a place called The Red House mental health unit but I had to be dry (no alcohol) for 3 months, but drinking helped me forget and I needed it to sleep so that was not an option for me. If I wanted to wait for NHS treatment it would be 12-18mths. I came home and put my details on the T2M site and within 24hrs Bob Paxman got in contact and told me all about T2M and offered me a place on a course in France starting the very next week!

Monday 19th October I headed down to Folkestone to meet the team and the other lads who were going on the same course as myself. What a relief talking to other people with the same problems I’d been suffering from made me realise I wasn’t the only person with these symptoms and feelings. The next morning we started our journey in the mini bus to France with loads of questions for the Practitioners. Doubt was still very much in the forefront of my mind as to how and if they could help me. Could these people have the answers and do all that in a week?

My new life began on the Wednesday morning at 9 with Mick who told us what was going to happen and we separated for what was to become our regular 1 to 1 session with a Practitioners. Over the next 3 days everything changed things became clearer, we didn’t have to relive any bad situations or experience which many of us had been through that had made us suffer with PTSD. After the 1st day I didn’t need alcohol, sleep came naturally for the 1st time in yrs! By the end of the week it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and they had given me back my life.

The journey home in the mini bus was nothing like the trip down, with worried faces, no talking and doubt at the front of everybody’s mind. We were all positive and smiling knowing that these people had actually done something like they said they would be able to and not filled us once again with false hope.

On returning home family members noticed the changes in me straight away. T2M has given me the tools to tackle everyday problems in a completely different way from before going away on the course.

So finally I would like to say a huge thank you to the people of Talking2Minds for helping me become me again.