I joined the army in 1988 and ended up as a tank crewman serving in Germany. In 1991 I saw active service in the 1st Gulf War then left the army in early 1992.

Before active service I was happy go lucky you lad and when I left the army the trouble started.

I became aggressive, fearful and one night I smashed my mums house up and swallowed 50 paracetemol and tried to take my own life. I had another go at taking my own life several years later.

My relationship with my family was very badly strained and as for my girlfriends every relationship ended with them hating me. On one occasion I was sleep walking with a carving knife and ended up trying to hurt a girlfriend with it. One had to fight me off after sleep walking and was trying to attack her.

I was scared to go to sleep at night and I usually ended up with a knife in bed to protect myself from my nightmares.

This was how I was for 18 years then I saw VIA on Facebook and contacted them and they knew I was suffering with PTSD. After a really bad night sat there with a razor blade at my wrist I contacted Talking2Minds and spoke with Bob who got me onto a course and told me that he could help me. I did not believe him.

In October 2009 we met up in Folkestone and I still didn’t believe Rob. At the end of the week in France, Bob and Talking2Minds were right and did help get rid of my PTSD.
I have bridges to build with my family and now they have got their son back.

Without Bob and Billy help and understanding I would have ended up in a worse place or taking my own life. I am going to go on the Synergy Practitioners Course and volunteer to help talking2minds as I have now turned full circle.