Well all I can say sir, is you were true to your word, Danny has come back a changed man.

To say when he went out with Talking2Minds to France on the course, he was on the verge of being suicidal, after all his years suffering PTSD.

I would like to thank you and all of the staff concerned, for giving me back my husband, that I had thought I had lost to PTSD.

He is well and truly a changed man, not only mentaly, but in spirit and well-being.

Whatever you are all doing on the course, Please keep it up, as I suppose there will be plenty more people whom would benefit from your service.

I will endeavour at sometime in the future, to raise payment for this cause, as I am unable to THANK YOU ALL enough for what you have done for my husband…….

Danny has the confidence now to go forward and learn his literature, with hope of one-day being able to help you and the cause.

Sending a BIG HUG to you all and many thanks