EX C/Sgt Royal Green Jackets

After 18 years in the Army I finally lost all faith in the system. I Pre-Voluntary- Released (P-V-R) and went to join the fleeing army of private security members in Iraq to get away from everyone. It was when I was 15 I joined the Army I achieved the rank of C/Sgt (one down from Company Sgt Major) with still 8 years left to serve

Whilst in the Army I had some bad times but it all started way before that and I could not see it. My mother died when I was 15 and as if that pain of losing a mother wasnt enough she died on Mothers day!!!!! So I had a Dad who was all over the place, a younger brother who could not understand.and me.

After all this my younger Brother joined the same Battalion as me, I was on Senior Brecon at the time and he had just retuned from Bosnia.

He was on leave with friends and was killed from being run over.

I started to suffer from all the symptoms of PTSD but loved ones failed to notice this.they and all the medical people just thought I had a bad drink problem actually I was self medicating. I first met Bob 15 years ago whilst on selection and did not meet him again until I was in Iraq.

This year a friend of mine called and had spoke to Bob and he said about the programme, I was then invited on to the treatment place in France. I have never looked back. I used to suffer nightmares all the time I have not had one since treatment to top it all I have just gained my Synergy Practitioners qualification. THERE IS HOPE FOR EVERYONE.

I now live and work in France at the place that made me better.

I owe my life to Talking2Minds and to all the people I have met along the way .Bob, Erni (the Jedi) and to Mick. THANK YOU ALL